Thermal Printer Helps Two Retailers Cut Paper at POS

In a move to reduce the millions of rolls of receipt paper used enterprisewide each year, J Sainsbury plc and Home Hardware Stores Limited are adding a two-sided thermal receipt printer from NCR Corp., Dayton, Ohio.

St. Jacobs, Ontario-based hardware, lumber and building materials and furniture retailer Home Hardware is the first Canadian chain to deploy the technology. Meanwhile, London-based supermarket chain Sainsbury’s is the first European retailer to feature the double-sided receipts.

While both retailers were attracted to the new printer’s ability to customize promotional messages and improve operational efficiency and throughput at checkout, the printer, named 2ST, also minimizes environmental impact. The units are able to reduce receipt paper usage by 45%, and the speed of the printer cuts the electricity used to power the unit.

Sainsbury initially tested 25 units in its Maidenhead store. A successful pilot is pushing the chain to install the machines in all its new supermarkets.

Similarly, Home Hardware deployed 2ST as part of its migr