Survey: Majority of consumer interested in redeeming loyalty points

Richmond, Va. -- Survey results released Tuesday by Affinion Loyalty Group found that 89% of consumers are interested in redeeming points at point-of-sale.

The survey also found that the respondents identified cash and retail store gift cards as their two favorite redemption items.

However, the survey also inserted a hypothetical variable, which shifted the results. When asked about a POS redemption option -- which would allow consumers to use points or miles to pay for anything anywhere, just like dollars -- the number of consumers who had previously identified redemption values of points programs as “budget help” ramped up from approximately 25% to a staggering 89% who indicated they would be interested in point-of-sale redemption, with 47% highly likely to redeem points at the point-of-sale.

When respondents were asked what they would redeem for at the point-of-sale, groceries and everyday items were ranked the two most popular categories; cash redemptions become much less relevant