Shop Talk

RANDOM NOTES: Forever 21’s new Twelve by Twelve collection will get its own retail store this fall, at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. The line, more sophisticated and about 35% more expensive than the retailer’s core product, was tested last year and already has its own Web site. Twelve by Twelve in-store boutiques are also in the works for a select number of Forever 21 locations.… Pendleton Woolen Mills premiered its new retail prototype, a renovated 3,830-sq.-ft. store in downtown Portland, Ore. Pendleton’s heritage (the company is one of the last remaining U.S. companies that weaves its fabric domestically) is reflected throughout the design, which combines the themes of weaving and fabric. The color palette mixes Pendleton blue with natural white oak wood walls. Vizwerks Inc., Portland, Ore., served as architect. With 70 stores nationwide, Pendleton is expanding its retail presence and plans to roll out the design to new and existing units. …Home-design products manufacturer Umbra has ope