Relationship Woes

When added the critically acclaimed blockbuster “The Departed” to its product-notification list several months ago, my friend Sarah was among the first to sign on. Excited, she counted down the remaining days until its online release.

However, on the day she had been waiting for, she received no e-mail fanfare—or any notification, for that matter—that her film was finally available for purchase. Frustrated, she slumped onto the couch.

Later, while she was shaking off her heartache, we discussed her quest to buy a new camera.

“Are you getting it on Amazon?” I scoffed, thinking she had forever tossed the e-tailer aside. “Um, yeah,” she admitted. “I love them.” Wait, seriously?

“They’re really great, most of the time,” she said, like a wounded girlfriend going back for more.

Ron Shevlin, VP of client solutions at Epsilon, a Dallas-based provider of multi-channel, data-driven marketing technologies and services, rationalized this notion for me.

“Just because someone has one fight with a spouse, it doesn’t mean they’ll leave,” he said. “Business-to-consumer relat