Atmosphere Is the Star

Store atmospherics help G-Star maintain its cool, hip edge. In recent years, the Dutch denim brand has opened some 75 franchised stores, primarily in Europe. In 2007, the company is focusing on growth in the United States, where it currently has eight stores.

“We got involved because they make a great denim product, have a cool image and the marketing is very sophisticated,” said Tom Taylor, principal, Swimming Horses, Salt Lake City, which owns six G-Star stores in the United States, including units in Dallas, Manhattan and Los Angeles, and plans to open additional locations.

The design of G-Star’s in-store experience was carefully crafted to create the type of environment that would reflect the values and taste level of its young shoppers. A sleek design, and targeted music and video, help reinforce the brand and add to the atmosphere. So do special in-store performances by guest DJs.

To provide a consistent look and brand image across locations, the design of G-Star’s U.S. stores is controlled by the parent company in Amsterdam. The company ships materials to all new stores.

The same attention to consistency goes into its audio sy